It seems that many customers have not been getting messages from us. Please make sure to check your junk mail or e-mail settings. Thank you

While we make every effort not to be out of stock, occasionally we are out of certain items. If we are out of stock on an item that you’ve ordered, we will notify you as soon as we can. We advise you to contact us for item availability as our merchandise sells out faster than we can update, and this is unfortunately completely out of our control. We apologize for this inconvenience
What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Please note that all charges will be in US dollars. Unfortunately we are not accepting Paypal payments at this time.

Do the pictures on your website represent what I will be getting?

All of the merchandise advertised on our website is what you can expect to receive in person. After years of research, we have found the highest reputable warehouses that distribute this kind of apparel. There are a lot of websites that use stock photo's to advertise their products when in fact, the merchandise they receive either looks nothing compared to the photo, or the quality is deplorable. We are nothing like this, which is why we post a 'Quality Guarantee' note on our website.
PLEASE NOTE: Even though the physical appearance may be the same with high quality, these are not branded goods. For the actual brands, please visit their website.

How much will I be charged for shipping?

We now have a standard flat Shipping & Handling Rate of $18, no matter how much you order. If your order totals over $300, then shipping will be free. Please note this after placing the order as the system automatically charges you $18 when you place your order. You will be reimbursed for this amount. This fee no longer applies to Paypal payments due to the high conversion rates.

Is the merchandise new or used?

All of our merchandise is brand new and shipped directly from the warehouse/manufacturer to your location.

How should I know what size to choose?

 Please provide us with your height, measurements as well as the size you normally take. We have a size chart which can be found below, however, this does not always comply with each garment. You may submit this information with your order, as many items are also custom made.
PLEASE NOTE:We no longer accept exchanges or give refunds based on sizing issues as most items are custom made so please make sure you give us your normal size, your measurements and your height for an accurate fit. This also applies to shoes. Please make sure you send us your calf circumference if you order knee-high boots.

Do you offer Wholesale?

At this moment we do not offer this service.

How long does Shipping Take?

Once your order ships, You will be updated with either a DHL/UPS/AQ/SF/ or 4PX Express Postal tracking number. If your package was shipped using AQ/SF/4PX Express; Once your package reaches the United States you will also be able to track it through the USPS tracking site with another tracking number. Both tracking numbers will provide the same information, however once your package reaches the United States you will be able to contact USPS post to get an update on the expected delivery date. Due to the recent increase of package theft, we advise you to contact USPS with your tracking number to arrange a signature upon delivery. Although we ship all packages requesting this, they do not always comply with shipments coming from China which is why we advise you to take extra precaution. We will not be responsible for stolen packages. Also please note that we are not able to cancel or call an order back once it is in transit.

A) This all depends on your location, however shipping normally takes anywhere from 8-16 business days, quite often much sooner than this. Some clients have received their order within just a few days after payment processing has been completed. If you have placed a larger order, you may receive more than one package and more than one tracking number. If you have received only part of your order, please do not worry as the other part of your order will not be far behind. Please also understand that if an order is taking longer than expected, please don't think we are ignoring you. This is usually because the warehouse may have run out of stock on a particular item, and they are just waiting for the next batch to come in. If we feel this is going to take longer than you should wait, we will notify you within the payment processing time and ask you if you would like to change the item for something else, or if you would rather have the refund. PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for customs fees, as each country is different. We will always mark the package a lot lower than the price that was paid so that this will decrease or eliminate all custom taxes.

What is your Return Policy? Do you accept returns?

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept exchanges or give refunds based on sizing issues as most items are custom made so please make sure you give us your normal size, your measurements and your height for an accurate fit. This also applies to shoes. Please make sure you send us your calf circumference if you order knee-high boots.

Any complaints must be made within 3 days of receiving the package. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: You (buyer) will be responsible for the shipping of returns at your expense. We do not carry or offer return shipping labels. To honour your return/exchange, the item must be in the original packaging, unworn, unused. Please note that these goods are coming from China, therefore, this is where they must be returned too. We do not carry any merchandise in stock. If the postal service returns a package to us because an invalid address was provided or the package was not claimed, we will contact you and schedule a re-delivery at your expense. Re-delivery shipping fees will equal the exact dollar amount needed to ship the package. Once repayment shipping fees have been received, your package will be re-shipped the next business day. Original shipping fees are non-refundable, as the postal office will not reimburse us for re-shipping your package. Please be sure to review and double-check your order and size(s) before placing your order, as we only accept returns or exchanges if a mistake is made on our behalf. If this were to happen, all fees associated with the exchange will be at our expense. If a mistake is made with your order, please notify us within 3 business days after receipt. Refunds will only be given once we have reached an amicable decision. All refunds will not include the original shipping cost. When a refund is requested, please take pictures of the items you have received as this is the warehouse policy/requirement. For hygienic reasons, socks, hats, underwear and swimsuits cannot be returned. A refund will only be issued once we receive your return. Chargebacks/Credit Card Disputes: If you have any issues, We ask that you please contact us promptly at We also ask that you please respect and agree to our return policy and terms of service as any chargebacks will result in a future ban from shopping in any one of our stores. This will also result in being placed on a blacklist. Blacklisting refers to tracking and recording customers who show awkward tendencies. The system detects untrustworthy customers based on several filters, each of which checks the users' authenticity in their transactions. Customers' regions, IP addresses are all monitored and investigated before allowing the transaction to go through. This may also affect your credit rating.

Does your store have a physical location where I can purchase in person?

Unfortunately not at this time. All merchandise is shipped out to you directly from the manufacturer/warehouse.

I have picked my currency but when I go to checkout, it comes out more expensive. Why is this happening?

The checkout is only in one currency, which is USD. It is impossible to tell you the exact cost in your home currency when you purchase, unfortunately, as each credit card company/bank applies different exchange rates and fees when they convert to USD. The currency conversion is just an indication, and that final pricing and conversion are determined by your bank on the day the transaction takes place